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2200 years ago Archimedes gave us his worm gear.

Ever since, our researchers and engineers have worked hard to transform our 2 universal movements: ROTATION and TRANSLATION.

Today, thanks to «MELPAX» it is both possible to obtain both the direct and the mechanical connection in these 2 movements with precision : Reversible, flexible, alternative movement or helicoîdal.

Robotics, home automation, compression, production of electrical power (On basis gravity) etc ... are new stakes.

There are countless fields of application in industry and allows new issues to the technological and commercial development.

The mechanic is achievable in many ways :

  • Driven by the principal shaft for moving a pinion alone or several pinions simultaneously
  • Driven by the pinion to obtain an expansion device
  • Hollow shaft of Archimedean screw for a low cost of manufacture and for the establishment of other mecanical elements or the passage of electrical elements, etc ...

Benefits :

  • Miniaturization
  • Savings in energy independence with photovoltaic
  • Control and management of mechanical by electronics
  • Production cost attractive
  • Consumable according to its realization

The realization procedures of «MELPAX» mechanics are found in the secrets protected by the technical author.
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In fact, the management 3 rotations ( 1 for Archimedean screw and 2 for pinion : Axial and heliacal ) must be managed with a new gears and technically feasible.

Bruno ERBA

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